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Imagine a company that multiple industries seek for disruptive technologies to improve their offerings. Imagine a world where security isn’t a false hope. Homeland Security can look into 100% of every shipping container, handbag, suitcase, or trunk of every car. Law Enforcement can stop a vehicle or determine what is inside the car without endangering anyone’s life. Communication of all types within urban and mountainous terrain is drastically improved with increased signal coverage and a decreased rate of dropped calls, or missed data. What if your industry could produce energy and high quality raw materials needed in your or a future customer’s industrial process?

As a society, we have learned to accept certain limitations; that there is a growing danger presented by improved explosive devices, drug and arms trafficking, contra-band smuggling, and those terrorists and criminals that are involved in such activities. Or, that we cannot safely, completely, and quickly see into a metal container. Likewise, we have grown accustomed to dropped calls, poor wireless signals, and opportunistic connections of communication in our personal and professional lives. We are bombarded with media declarations that alternative energy is “too expensive,” or the green movement of repurposing has no “real business” moneymaking value. 

Welcome to the new solutions provided by Kaonetics Technologies Inc.

Kaonetics Technologies, Inc. develops intentionally disruptive solutions. Our three key platforms have potential applications in private sector detection and communication, homeland security, military, law enforcement, energy, healthcare and industrial processing.

·       Directed energy technology:

o   Stabilize explosive devices and car stopper

o   Detect contraband wherever it is hidden

·       Circular Polarized Antenna (CPA), which provides better signal reception in the worst of environments that challenge traditional antennas

·       MicroHygen

o   Creates hydrogen

o   Purifies aluminum feedstock into a global demanded raw material, aluminum oxide 

Through Kaonetics’ horizontal business model we will provide a capital efficient opportunity to partner with vertically integrated companies.  Leveraging our growing Intellectual Property portfolio, we will optimize our current 27 patents into multiple applications and revenue streams ranging from governmental development funding, exclusive licenses agreements, and royalty agreements for our proprietary applications.  Instead of manufacturing the products, the focus for Kaonetics is on developing partnerships – manufacturing relationships.  Scaling for Kaonetics is co-creating multiple applications from our unique technology platforms with vertically integrated partners.  As our IP portfolio grows, so too do applications and revenues.

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       Email:  info@kaonetics.com

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