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Our intellectual property portfolio is built around three distinct technology platforms. Our primary technology consists of rapidly pulsating, multi-waveform (the “Beam”) with numerous applications as described below. The Beam utilizes modest power input to interrupt semiconductor-based devices and, in some forms, penetrate virtually any material. In 2011, Brookhaven National Laboratories conducted a series of experiments which confirmed the absence of gamma or X-ray irradiation or neutron emissions. These tests, along with tests conducted at Boeing, also ruled out the presence of alpha or beta particles, and other biologically harmful radiation.


Our preliminary research and development and patent filings has demonstrated three unique initial applications:


            ²     Detection of hazardous and contraband materials;

            ²     Disablement of electronic components of explosive and other devices; and

            ²     Shut down the engine of a vehicle


Our second patented platform is a leap ahead innovation called the circular polarized antenna (“CPA”) technology that forms a pervasive bubble that engulfs its surroundings, improves signal reception and transmission distances up to 300% in field testing of cellular handheld devices and other wireless applications. Most importantly, the CPA is less affected by problems of reflectivity and absorption observed in conventional linearly polarized antennae (multi-path effects). Our CPA has the following known applications:


            ²        Commercial – routers, computers, cell phones and other wireless devices; and

            ²        Military – radio frequency jammers and communication systems.


Our third platform is Hydrogen Generation – MicroHyGen (“MHG”) patent pending, is a single process to produce commercially viable quantities of hydrogen and aluminum oxide. Hydrogen generation has been demonstrated in our working MHG engine with varied levels of feedstock purity.  Uniquely, the Kaonetics process can yield improved purity aluminum oxide (from 84% pure feedstock to 92% pure aluminum oxide) while still generating excess hydrogen. If a higher grade of feedstock is used, less generated hydrogen is required for the aluminum oxide production and can be used for other industrial processes.  Known applications include, but are not limited to:



            ²        Large-scale hydrogen and aluminum oxide production plant, allowing for either closed loop aluminum oxide production, or the production of both allowing the generated hydrogen to be used in other industrial processes.





Detection Technology

Kaonetics technology can detect a broad range of contraband items. Ultimately as this technology develops it will reliably and rapidly detect firearms, explosives, drugs, currency and humans. Operating unobstructed through all known materials, our Beam, once further developed will be able to strike concealed objects and reliably detect and display the substance of contraband and other materials and objects.




 ²  The Beam penetrates virtually any substance including steel, lead, glass, gold, copper, concrete, plastic, and water.


²  The Beam detects and reveals the nature of any material (identifying its unique resonant frequency) hidden inside shipping containers, automobiles, and trucks.


Our detection technology can be a solution to one of the most pressing needs of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and state law enforcement departments. Devices employing the Beam will be able to operate at different power levels and will emit in a spherical pattern or on a narrowly collimated beam. Kaonetics has demonstrated multi-waveform detection capabilities and is now working to develop a prototype product. Following immediately behind our multi-waveform capability will be the neutral particle detection capability. Once commercialized, we believe our technology can be faster, more economical and provide greater reliability than existing detection technologies.


The Detection Technology Market:

The existing trends for detection are compelling. The Department of Homeland Security, Transportation Security Authority, Border Security, Federal and State law enforcement, corporate and private security organizations are potential customers dealing with extensive security threats and severe logistical challenges of searching every container, vehicle, or person. Other primary customers could be port facilities and intermodals throughout the nation. Although actual numbers of scanned or searched containers remain either privately confidential or nationally classified, it is accepted that, on average, less than 10% of the containers that enter the United States are adequately scanned. A recent study conducted by MIT, suggests that a terrorist attack through a port or an airport could cost up to $1 trillion.

The ma
rket for security services is several billion dollars annually and we recognize that less than 10% of all 30 million containers entering this country each year are searched. Our technology could dramatically expand the market for these detection services over current levels.


To date, we are in contact with various government agencies such as DHS, TSA, Defense Advanced Research Program Association (DARPA), Sandia Laboratory, Federal Law Enforcement, Texas Department of Public Safety, Texas Border Security, and Texas Rangers as well as commercial companies such as Taser and BNSF. These agencies have either expressed an interest in exploring further, or a desire to purchase or lease a product incorporating this technology. Of particular interest is the Texas Rangers since they are permitted to retain 80% of all illegal drug money confiscated crossing the Texas/Mexico border.



Bomb Stabilization Technology:


Our bomb stabilization products (HD-50 and EMR-100) are Kaonetics products that embody a multi-waveform beam that can be solutions for domestic and combat field situations where a bomb or other device has been identified and the safety of law enforcement or military and/or innocent bystanders is at lethal risk. These devices:

²  Utilize the Beam to disable or impair any improvised or other explosive devices that incorporate electronic circuit boards for their operation. The Beam is effective at various operating frequencies, power levels, and distances from the explosive devices’ initiator

²  The Beam can be directional and affect only the electronic objects to which it is targeted



FCC Certification:

We have obtained FCC commercial certification for our bomb stabilization devices, which can be utilized in military and law enforcement applications to disable improvised explosive devices using electronic control devices, and thereby increase officer or personnel safety.


Circular Polarized Antenna:

The second technology platform is a Circular Polarized Antenna, a unique patented antenna configuration that:

² Transmits both left and right handed circular polarized signals (conceptually a corkscrew pattern);

²  Forms a pervasive ‘bubble’ that engulfs its surroundings;

² Has improved signal reception and transmission distances up to 300% in field testing of cellular handheld devices and other wireless application;

² Is less affected by problems of reflectivity and absorption observed in conventional linearly polarized antennae (multi-path effects);

² Increases the effectiveness of cell phones and router signals in metropolitan environments where the effects of multipath and signal distortion provide inconsistent and limited geographical coverage as a result of destructive interference; and

² Improves the performance of radio frequency jamming devices and systems for mounted and    dismounted military applications.


Hydrogen Generation – MicroHyGen (“MHG”):

Our third technology platform is a Hydrogen Generation system that is a patented process that:

² Generates over 700 liters of pure (99.9%) hydrogen per hour;

² Produces hydrogen in situ eliminating the
need  for costly compression, storage and       transportation; and

² Produces aluminum oxide, which has established global commercial value as a raw material in aluminum, make up, paint, abrasive, lipstick, ceramic and other end user production

² Read our market assessment of the MHG market opportunity, production process, cost analysis and production projections:


Directed Energy


Military / Law Enforcement / Commercial. Kaonetics unique low powered Directed Energy beam instantaneously interrupts the operation of electrical components to save lives!

Kaonetics Circular Polar Antenna technology provides unparalleled communications coverage while minimizing reflections and interference that traditional antenna suffer from



Renewable energy is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today. Our MicroHygen technology is revolutionizing the production of clean hydrogen while repurposing and purifying feedstock aluminum and other materials.