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Kaonetics specializes in the development of unique advanced technologies that make our world safer, greener and more effective


Advanced Technologies for a Safer World

FORT WORTH, Texas, March 1, 2012 ─ Kaonetics Technologies, Inc. today announced that the company has joined a select network of affiliate partners at the Center for Innovation(CFI).

Company Highlights

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Directed Energy


November 2012

Kaonetics, the University of Texas at Dallas and several high technology firms meet to form an Academic and Industry Consortium in order to further expand the Kaonetics Beam technology

October 2012

Kaonetics partners with a Fortune 500 Defense Contractor to propose a commercial answer to a major government technology search to counter IEDs and save lives.

September 2012

Kaonetics and RBAO LP, a Canadian firm formed a partnership to explore commercialization of Kaonetic’s Hydrogen generation technology

May 2012

With technology that sounds a little like something out of a science fiction adventure, startup Kaonetics Technologies Inc. is in the process of relocating to the region from California to capitalize on Dallas-Fort Worth’s strength in the defense and high-tech industries.

April 2012

Kaonetics Technologies Inc. name Mant Hawkins as President and CEO

Military / Law Enforcement / Commercial. Kaonetics unique low powered Directed Energy beam instantaneously interrupts the operation of electrical components to save lives!

Kaonetics Circular Polar Antenna technology provides unparalleled communications coverage while minimizing reflections and interference that traditional antenna suffer from



Renewable energy is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today. Our MicroHygen technology is revolutionizing the production of clean hydrogen while repurposing and purifying feedstock aluminum and other materials.

Kaonetics Announces Partnership with Center for Innovation